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All Information Of Tourist & Visitor Visa

Visitor visas are an easy and flexible way to come to Australia for tourism or business travel, especially for those who do not receive an electronic tourist visa. They can be granted for a period of one day to five years, but most often for a period of between 3 and 12 months.

There are several subclass 600 streams, but we will focus on the tourist and business visitor streams as the other streams are for specific circumstances.

The opportunity to complete the guidelines for compiling the applicant’s travel documents and to present them to the various management teams. Visa Aid Limited also helps with the administration of all relevant documents from the target university abroad in order to simplify the visa procedure.

Although this consultancy has very good relationships with reliable travel agencies, they will arrange a complete solution for travel from ticketing to airport transfers to temporary accommodation abroad until your hostel / accommodation problem is solved.

Visa Aid Limited also offers the services below to keep the status in a standard position.

1. Assessment of the students
2. Guide / advice
3. Manage grants
4. Admission
5. Guide to the Visa Process
6. Financial support
7. Travel assistance
8. Orientation before departure

Others Services