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All Information Of Business Visa

Citizens of most countries require a valid visa to enter Bangladesh. The Bangladesh General Consulate in Bangladesh, Los Angeles, determines the type and category of the visa and the duration of the stay upon request. The types and categories differ depending on the purpose of the visit, length of stay and bilateral agreement with the country of the foreigner.

1.Passport Requirements:

Original, signed passport, valid for 6 months after the stay in Bangladesh, with at least one blank passport page for the visa stamp. Change pages on the back of the passport are not suitable for visas in Bangladesh.

2.Application form for a Bangladesh visa:

The Bangladesh consulate has introduced a web-based visa application form. The application must be completed and printed out online. In addition to the two printed photos required for this application, you must upload a digital photo to the application. Details can be found at We cannot process your visa application if you do not fill out the application form online. Your completed application must:

Include responses for all fields
Include your signature as it appears in your passport
Upload a digital photo (45 x 35 mm in JPEG format, no larger than 300 KB, against a white background)
Please leave all payment details fields blank. Payment details, no questions are required. Simply click the Save & Continue button on the Payment Details screen to proceed to the next step and skip all payment details.
Los Angeles: If you are asked for the name of the bank when completing the online visa application, please provide Western Union’s money order. Please leave all other fields for payment details blank. When you’re done, click the Save & Next button to proceed to the next step and skip all other payment details.

3 Photo requirements:

Los Angeles: Submit three current color passport photos (2×2) in front view with a plain / white background.
Washington DC and New York: Send a current 2 x 2 color passport photo, front view with a plain / white background.

OR – You can upload a photo when you place an order instead of providing physical passport photos.


New York: You must provide a copy of the registration of the inviting company in Bangladesh or the charter.

5.Letter of invitation:

A letter of invitation from the sponsor (either the host company or an individual) in Bangladesh explaining the relationship with the applicant and the purpose of the trip. In addition, the length of stay, location and contact information must be stated in the letter.

For business trips with an NGO, the applicant must provide a copy of the NGO’s letter of appointment, which is certified by the Bangladeshi NGO Central Bureau in Dhaka.

6.Business cover letter:

Letter from the employer or sponsor company on the company’s letterhead, in which the applicant is presented, indicating the employment status / position of the applicant in the company and the purpose of the visit to Bangladesh is clearly stated. The business letter must also indicate who is financially responsible for the applicant and provide detailed contact information in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh consulate needs an official business letter to support your application. To create a business cover letter for Bangladesh online, simply request this service and provide your information using the simple online form in your Visa Application Kit, which you will receive once you place your order.

7.Proof of travel arrangements:

Computer-generated flight route of the airline or the travel agency or a copy of flight tickets with a return flight to Bangladesh and onward flight.

At arrival:

You may be able to get your visa on arrival. Visa requirements and restrictions vary widely when you receive a visa on arrival. Local immigration officials also have the right to deny anyone entry for any reason. We strongly recommend that you get your visa before departure. If you would like to apply for your visa on arrival, you must contact your airline to inquire whether you can board without a visa.

Visa Validity:

Visas are usually issued from three months single entry to one year multiple entry.


Visa Processing Time:

Bangladesh visas are usually processed in 10 business days. Rush or Emergency visa service may be available for additional fees. Please visit our “Bangladesh Consular Fees and Visa Processing Options” link for details.

New York: The processing speed for Bangladesh business visa is 15 business days.

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